The National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (CNSM) started on Thursday, June 8, in Ungheni, the series of regional seminars for training and exchange of best practices of leaders of grassroots  trade union organizations on recruitment and motivation of trade union members, organized within the national campaign “Grassroots Trade Union –the energy of the trade union movement”. During this year, similar activities will be conducted in the following districts:  Orhei, Comrat, Leova, Ştefan Vodă, and Fălești.

About fifty trade unionists from Ungheni district, from all branches, took part in the event. The participants were informed about the objectives of the campaign  “Grassroots Trade Union –the energy of the trade union movement”, launched by CNSM, in March, this year, aimed at increasing the role and potential of grassroots trade union organisations in ensuring the rights and guarantees of employees, union members.

During the activity, Lilia Franț, the vice-president of CNSM, underlined the priorities outlined in the campaign “Grassroots Trade Union – the energy of the trade union movement”, stressing the importance of the training process for the leaders of grassroots trade unions at national level, familiarizing them with the necessary information on social-economic protection, legal protection, organization of trade union activity, exchange of best practices, in order to boost the activity of the trade union organizations and develop social partnership.

For her part, Rodica Lupu, the representative of CNBSM in Ungheni district, stressed the importance of CNSM efforts, carried out in the framework of the campaign “Grassroots trade union – the energy of the trade union movement”, to strengthen the capacities of trade union leaders, and urged the participants to disseminate the information gained at the seminar in their work collectives, at unit level.

The participants of the seminar were also familiarized with the contents of the “Trade Union Leader’s Guide” – a tool for trade union leaders in grassroots trade unions. The guide includes information on trade union rights and labour law, social partnership, social and economic protection, occupational safety and health, trade union management, financial activity. The guide can be downloaded here.

Eugeniu Covrig, the head of the legal department of CNSM, and Sergiu Iurcu, senior advisor in the social-economic protection department of CNSM, communicated about the provisions of the legislation on the activity of grassroots trade unions, and what the leaders of the trade union organizations need to know in this respect, including the contribution of the trade union organizations to the social-economic protection of trade union members.

In addition, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from CNSM representatives on the Confederation’s work and results in the last period, the priorities of the trade union movement in the field of social-economic protection of employees, trade union members, the work of the National Commission for Collective Consultations and Bargaining, and the cooperation between social partners, and other topics of interest.

The national campaign “Grassroots trade union – the energy of the trade union movement” is held in the context of the proclamation by the CNSM of 2023 as the year of primary trade union organizations. A series of workshops, regional seminars, meetings of trade union activists will be organized, daring 2023, to contribute to the development of the grassroots trade union at national level. The campaign will end in November 2023 with a Gala of grassroots trade unions participating in the competition “The Work of Grassroots Trade Union” .

More information on the national campaign “Organizing Grassroots Trade Union- the Energy of the Trade Union Movement” can be found here.

For more photos of the CNSM seminar in Ungheni, visit CNSM Facebook page.