Members of the Women’s Commission of National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (CNSM) met on 28 December for an organisational meeting to set priorities for the coming year.

 The meeting was attended by Igor Zubcu, president of the CNSM, and Lilia Franț, vice-president of the Confederation.

At the beginning of the meeting, Igor Zubcu, President of the CNSM, thanked Liubei Rotaru, former President of Women’s Commission of the CNSM for her work over the years in the Commission and the activities carried out to protect the social and economic rights of women in Moldova.

The trade union leader underlined the role of the Women’s Commission of CNSM and the steps taken by women trade unionists for the ratification of the International Labour Organisation Convention No. 190 on violence and harassment in the world of work, a document ratified today, on December 28, by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. The ratification and implementation of the provisions of this Convention will contribute to improving the regulatory framework in the field to eliminate violence and harassment in the world of work.

At the same time, the CNSM President spoke about the achievements in 2023 and the Confederation’s priorities in 2024. In the context of the winter holidays, the CNSM President sent a congratulatory message to women trade unionists wishing them and their families a new year full of achievements, ambitious goals and new achievements in the field of social and economic protection.

In her turn, Angela Otean, the chairwoman of the CNSM Women’s Commission, stressed that in the coming period the new composition of the Commission aims to be a strong voice of women trade unionists, heard by the government, by promoting initiatives aimed at improving the social and economic situation of women in the Republic of Moldova, according to the strategic objectives of the CNSM outlined for the next period.

During the meeting, at the proposal of Angela Otean, president of the Women’s Commission of CNSM, the women trade unionists elected two vice-presidents of the Commission – Ana Cimpoieșu, representing the Trade Union Federation of Education and Science of the Republic of Moldova and Angela Morarencu, representing the Trade Union Federation “Sindenergo”.

Angela Otean, chairwoman of the Women’s Commission of the CNSM, underlined that in the coming year women trade unionists plan to carry out a number of activities. In this regard, the Commission’s activity plan for the year 2024 has been drawn up, the provisions of which were discussed at today’s meeting.

The plan includes activities related to the organisation and implementation of several information campaigns on various topics, the organisation of joint meetings with the Women’s Platform, the implementation of activities focusing on women’s health issues, problems faced by women in the villages, activities dedicated to combating gender-based violence and harassment, participation in activities organised by the CNSM during 2024, etc.

The Women’s Commission is a structure of the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova, which aims to protect the professional, economic and social rights of women trade union members by: monitoring compliance with the legislation in force for the protection of women’s social and labour rights; actively participating in the implementation of trade union policies; collaborating with state structures and civil society, through joint efforts, in order to strengthen the environment conducive to democratic changes, building a society with equal rights and opportunities for women and men.