At the end of the year, on December 27, the meeting of the Youth Commission of the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (CNSM) was held online. Two topics were included on the agenda: the realization of the CNSM Youth Commission Plan for 2023 and the approval of the Activity Plan for 2024.
In her message to the audience, Lilia Franț, the Vice-President of CNSM, praised the involvement of young trade unionists in the activities organized by CNSM during 2023, as young people have an important role in promoting trade unionist values. The CNSM vice-president urged young people to continue to be active in the coming year, to come up with initiatives and implement various projects at unit level and in the branches they represent.

Sergiu Suruceanu, the member of the Youth Commission of CNSM, reviewed the activities organised during the current year involving young trade unionists, who represent more than 20 percent of the total number of union members. These activities included: seminars and training activities, activities organised in the context of the Youth Capital 2023, the X Forum of the CNSM Youth Commission, participation in activities organised by the CNSM such as 1 May – International Day of Solidarity of Working People, Decent Work Day, Trade Union School of Moldova, the project “Youth Rights at Work”, etc.

The participants of the meeting approved the Activity Plan of the CNSM Youth Commission for 2024. It includes conducting training seminars, organising the XI Forum of the CNSM Youth Commission, participating in activities to be organised by CNSM during the next year, organising information campaigns, collaborating with non-governmental organisations, participating in solidarity campaigns conducted by international trade union organisations such as ITUC and ETUC, conducting joint activities with the CNSM Women’s Commission.

We remind that the Youth Commission of the CNSM has the following tasks: implementation of the youth policy of the CNSM, strengthening the unity of action of young trade unionists in order to protect the rights and interests of young trade union members; elaboration and submission of proposals for the improvement of the legislative and regulatory framework in the field of youth; organization of information activities about the actions of the CNSM and the formation of the positive image of trade unions; participation in the process of trade union education of young people and their attraction to the trade union movement; multilateral cooperation with similar youth organizations at national and international level.