On May 1, 2023, the National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova (CNSM) organized in Chisinau, in front of the Palace of Culture of the Railway Workers, a rally dedicated to the International Day of Solidarity of workers entitled “DECENT WORK – EUROPEAN FUTURE!”.

The event was attended by the CNSM leadership, leaders of national-branch trade unions, representatives of the Women’s Commission and the Youth Commission of CNSM, trade Union activists from different branches of the national economy.

Through this rally, the trade unionists aimed to highlight the need to ensure European living and working conditions for employees in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, the participants in the rally stressed the importance of promoting peace, decent work, solidarity and European values.

“Bearing in mind that the main purpose of trade unions is to represent and protect the social-economic, professional and labour rights and interests of trade Union members, as well as starting from the status of the Republic of Moldova as a candidate country for the European Union, we support the European perspective that can ensure the well-being of citizens, realizing the European development model that values freedom, honesty and decent work”, emphasized Igor Zubcu, President of the National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova.

During the event dedicated to the International Day of Solidarity of workers the appeal of the participants at the rally was adopted, which contains a number of demands aimed at improving the social-economic situation of workers, increasing the level of pay in the budgetary and real sector, strengthening social partnership, supporting the social-economic population affected by multiple crises, fighting the informal economy, creating new jobs with decent wages.

The call of the participants in the rally will be submitted to the Government of the Republic of Moldova. It can be accessed here.

We also mention that the event was broadcast live on the CNSM Facebook page and can be seen here.

Also on the Facebook page of the CNSM can be accessed several photos from the meeting organized by the CNSM.

About May 1

1 May is the day when millions of people around the world are advocating for respect for labour rights and ensuring a decent living. May 1 commemorates the historic struggle of workers around the world and is recognized in most countries. May 1 is celebrated in memory of the workers’ protest movements that broke out in Chicago, USA in 1886. Hundreds of thousands of Americans took to the streets to demand the right to a 8-hour working day without a pay cut.