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“Vocea Poporului” – national newspaper and information portal

The newspaper “Vocea Poporului” was founded in 1990, it is broadcasted on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and appears weekly in Romanian and Russian.

Legislation, Analysis, Society, Economy, Culture, Page for children and synthesis of events – what is most important for you!

Defending the right to work, stories of life, extreme situations that the authorities and the public need to know, exchange of experience, involvement of national and international experts in debates, analyzing events and synthesis of future plans – weekly national newspaper “Vocea Poporului” and every day on national portal in the state language and in Russian.

“Vocea Poporului” is your voice!

Adress: Republic of Moldova, mun. Chisinau, 31 August str., 129, MD-2012.

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  • Phone: +373 (22) 266 543
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