The Women’s Commission of the CNSM sets out its strategic objectives for next year



“Protecting the social rights of women by participating in social dialogue at all levels will be one of the main objectives of the work of the Women’s Commission of the CNSM for 2019,” said Liuba Rotaru, president of the CNSM Women’s Commission, within the framework of the Commission’s meeting.

In this regard, Liuba Rotaru pointed out that next year will be addressed the most serious problems faced by women in the country and will be identified solutions for them and then presented to decision-makers to materialize them. At the same time, she mentioned, the activities of the Women’s Committee of the CNSM will be correlated with the priorities in this field stipulated in the CNSM Strategy for the years 2017-2022 and the Women’s Committee of the Pan-European Regional Council (PERC).

Also, at the meeting of the Women’s Commission of the CNSM, several proposals were submitted to the draft law amending Law 289/2004 on the allowances for temporary work incapacity and other social insurance benefits. It is expected that as a result of the implementation of these initiatives, incentive schemes and support for parents will be developed, their return to work will be encouraged, and, last but not least, the reconciliation of family and professional life from the perspective of equal involvement of parents in the process of raising and educating children.

The members of the CNSM Women’s Commission had the opportunity to get acquainted with the information about the draft Law on the unitary pay system in the budgetary sector, presented by Elena Dimitriu, senior consultant in the social-economic protection Department of CNSM. In particular, she focused on the difficulties of the current pay system in the budgetary sector and on the solutions offered by the new law, on the scope of the new provisions of the project in the present case.

Petru Chiriac, vice-president of the CNSM, encouraged the members of the CNSM Women’s Commission, pointing out that both the objectives planned for next year and the proposals made for the modification of these two drafts are judicious, reasonable and therefore the CNSM leadership does everything in its power to implement them because they contribute to improving the working and living conditions of women in our country.

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