May 1 – Message of the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova on the occasion of the International Labour’s Day


Dear brothers and sisters,

On the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity of Workers – May 1, the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (CNSM) pays a tribute of great gratitude and sincere word of thanks to all trade union members and workers for their dedication and effort in creating material and spiritual values.

It is known that our country is hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. In this context, the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova expresses its deep gratitude both to the employees from various fields of activity who are on the front line, putting their own lives in danger, and to their family members. The collaborators of the Border Police, the Customs Service, the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) and of other important structures of the state, daily carry out their mission in conditions of risk for life. Special words deserve the employees of the medical system, who heal and save human lives. Heartfelt gratitude deserves the employees who in these conditions continue to produce values and provide vital services for the human being existence.

These days, it is important to keep all together the spirit of uniqueness and solidarity in order to escalate this pandemic created by the Covid-19 coronavirus with less negative effects. Today, we consider more necessary than ever to strengthen partnerships, consolidate the efforts of the social partners in order to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on workers, on the business environment and the entire national economy.

CNSM insists on the decision-makers in order to take additional measures regarding the preservation and creation of jobs, the observance of the rights of employees, trade union members, but also the granting of preferential credits to economic agents for development. Considering the fact that in the Republic of Moldova thousands of people returned from work abroad, we need a well-developed program, a radical change in economic projects that will allow them to find jobs in the field of construction, agriculture, infrastructure, roads, etc. We urge all political forces to focus on saving the country’s economy.

The reality is sad, the informal economy becoming a norm, when a large part of employees and economic agents avoided paying real contributions to social insurance and health insurance funds, thus creating an imminent danger to the sustainability of pensions and the medical system during the coronavirus pandemic, creating a catastrophic situation in the supply of doctors with high protection equipment.

The Republic of Moldova is in a very bad position on the level of wages, being among the last places in Europe and with a very low purchasing power of the population. CNSM considers that the economic system based on market economy principles has failed. The time has come when we need to find a more efficient economic model.

We advocate for the right to work, for a decent salary, we want to work and earn money through our work. We stand in solidarity with all trade unions in the world. We fully support the addressing of the International Trade Union Confederation to trade union members dedicated to the day of May 1 – International Workers’ Solidarity Day.

In Solidarity,

President of the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova

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