Improving Social Dialogue, a priority for the members of tripartite Commission



After a break of one year, following repeated requests addressed to the Government by the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (CNSM), the activity of the National Commission for Collective Consultations and Negotiations (CNCNC) was resumed. The members of the tripartite Commission examined on Monday, November 25, several issues related to the socio-economic policies to be implemented at national level in 2020.

“We are glad that CNCNC activity has been re-launched. There are many topics that we need to examine, to address the problems facing the whole society and to identify solutions together with the social partners. We advocate for the strengthening of social dialogue, and the best way to overcome the existing problems is through negotiations. We continue to hope that the CNCNC activity will be efficient and we will have a constructive dialogue”, underlined Oleg Budza, president of CNSM.

Those present, examined the draft law on the modification of some legislative acts (fiscal and customs policy for 2020), the draft law on the state budget for 2020, the draft law on the state social insurance budget for 2020, the draft law on mandatory health insurance funds for 2020.

The officials from the line ministries presented the mentioned projects to the members of the Commission, details about the forecast of the macroeconomic indicators, the indicators of the national public budget, the structure of the incomes and the expenses, information about the social allocations, the application of the wage mechanism, etc. These were subject of discussions and debates, subsequently being supported by CNCNC members, and some proposals for improvement are to be examined within sectoral working groups and branch committees for collective consultations and negotiations.

According to the forecast of the macroeconomic indicators for 2020, the gross domestic product will constitute 227.9 billion lei, a nominal growth with 9.4% and a real growth with 3.8% compared to 2019. At the same time, the average monthly nominal salary will be 7 953 lei, a nominal increase of 8.7% compared to 2019. The work remuneration fund is expected to be 58.2 billion lei in 2020.

The National Commission for Collective Consultations and Negotiations is an autonomous tripartite body of public interest of the social partnership, which is set up to solve labor and social-economic problems, to develop the social partnership at national level. The National Commission has a consultative role in the elaboration of the social-economic strategies and policies, in the resolution of the conflicting situations at national level between the social partners.

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