CNSM Women’s Commission assessed the socio-economic impact of the pandemic on women in the Republic of Moldova



The Women’s Commission of the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (CNSM) analyzed on October 27 the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on women in the Republic of Moldova. At the round table “Increasing women’s resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic”, held in an online format, on the occasion of World Women’s day in Rural Areas, which is marked annually on 15 October, the trade union women have addressed a number of social and economic issues.

Liuba Rotaru, president of the Women’s Commission within the CNSM, informed about recent achievements in the field of social protection of women and their families, such as the increase of the single allowance on child birth, the possibility for fathers to receive paternal allowance, amendment of the Law 289 on temporary incapacity for work and other social security benefits. According to her, while some results have been achieved in the field of women’s protection, there are still many problems that need to be solved: pay gaps; violence at the workplace and in the family; insufficient information for women about their rights; the need to reduce the retirement age for women; the migration issues; access to quality health services.

For his part, Petru Chiriac, vice president of CNSM, mentioned that the organization of this round table is of major importance, being a good opportunity to discuss the problems of women in rural areas. “The year 2020 is an especially difficult one and the existing problems give us big headaches. However, from the very beginning of the pandemic, the trade union movement has been involved in overcoming the pandemic crisis, especially in working with the social partners to support the employees”.

The over 80 participants discussed with Valentina Buliga, the head of the National Medical Insurance Company, about the actions of the authorities regarding the fight against the pandemic. The trade unionists asked numerous questions that referred to the strengthening of the healthcare system and to various problems they face in the territory. Buliga expressed her concern over the fact that “The coronavirus pandemic affected us very hard. Costs are increasing and cases are increasing day by day. The responsibility of the healthcare system for the quality of the services provided to the population is increasing. We need to combine our efforts to overcome this crisis and we are relying on the involvement and support of trade union women”.

At the same time, at the round table participated a number of women who were infected with coronavirus. They called for more financial support from the state and the extension of the list of compensated medicines. At the invitation of the women’s commission, Ina Tocarciuc, obstetrician-gynecologist, also spoke to trade union women about how to monitor their health and came up with useful advice concerning women’s health.

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