CNSM and ANOFM are providing support to migrant workers returned to the Republic of Moldova



The National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (CNSM), in partnership with the National Employment Agency (ANOFM), continues to provide informational support and assistance to the returning migrant workers in the Republic of Moldova who are looking for work and who are expected to engage in the field of work.

Today, November 18, an information webinar was organized with the participation of over 40 people, including migrant workers, who found useful information and received answers to questions from various areas related to the labor market and labor legislation.

The webinar included 4 information sessions: employment and migration; the right to work for migrant workers; social protection for migrant workers; occupational safety and health at work.

Trainers from CNSM and ANOFM communicated about the opportunities offered by the National Employment Agency, employment services, labor legislation, the benefits of trade union membership and the role of trade unions in the process of defending and promoting the rights and interests of employees, including migrants.

Participants have learned how to find work offers in their communities, have been informed about national support programs for people returned from abroad, the specificity of teleworking vs. work from home in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the way in which individual employment contracts are concluded and terminated, the benefits of the public social insurance system, the collective labor agreement.

There was also discussion of the actions undertaken by trade unions in order to promote social equity in the context of COVID-19, general issues on remuneration, minimum wage guarantees, health insurance, social benefits in the public social insurance system, public pension system, legislation on safety and health at work and the safe conduct of professional activity in order to prevent accidents at work.

We mention that the webinar is included in the training course and legal consultations held during July-November 2021. Around 150 people, trade unionists and migrants recently returned to the Republic of Moldova benefit from online training on employment and migration, individual and collective employment contract, occupational health and safety, social security, as well as legal assistance and consultations.

The training course is carried out through the project “The role of trade unions on social protection of migrant workers in the context of COVID-19″, implemented by the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova, in partnership with the National Employment Agency, with the support of the International Labor Organization ( ILO-ACTRAV) and provides support to migrants who have been affected by several restrictive measures off all countries in the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and, as a result, they were the first to become unemployed.

Department of Mass Media and International Relations