Alarming statistics in the OSH field. The trade unionists reiterate the need to develop an integrated system of Labor Inspection



According to the report made by the State Labor Inspectorate (SLI), in 2019, 509 accidents of workers’ injuries were reported, as a result of which 527 people suffered. The research has established that: 37 cases are fatal; 38 are serious work accidents; 373 accidents with temporary incapacity for work were investigated by the enterprise investigation commissions.

In this regard, the leadership of the Labor Inspectorate of Trade Unions (IMS) mentions in an information note that the reform in the field of state control over compliance with safety and health at work, constitutes a situation of regression in that area, a fact found, including in within the meetings organized by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection and SLI with the participation of trade unions and representatives of the 10 competent authorities in the field of occupational safety.

The material losses, following the work accidents in 2019, borne by the units concerned in the statistics, are estimated at 3501.1 thousand lei, of which:

  • 9 percent are payments according to medical leave certificates;
  • 6 percent are payments to repair the damage caused;
  • 2 percent are the single allowance payments in case of reduction of work capacity or death of the employee;
  • 3 percent is the value of defective means of production.

Another problem reported by the trade union representatives refers to the fact that 15 percent of the number of accidents at work were reported with a delay of more than 6 days, and some of these events were reported only as a result of the control performed at the unit or notification by the injured or their families or the law enforcement bodies to which the victims of the accidents were addressed.

The distribution of accidents at work, investigated by labor inspectors, by type of activity shows that the highest share is:

  • construction industry – 10 fatal and 6 serious accidents;
  • in agriculture and forestry – 6 fatal and 7 serious accidents;
  • transport, storage and communications – 7 fatal and 3 serious accidents;
  • in trade -10 fatal accidents and 6 serious ones;
  • in the manufacturing industry – 4 fatal and 10 serious.

Irregularities were also found in the examination of the reports investigating accidents at work investigated by labor inspectors of the competent authorities in the field of occupational safety control from 16 June 2019 to 31 December 2019. A large number of serious and fatal accidents were classified as accidents outside of the workplace – 24 accidents over the six-month period. A particular difficulty in the research process is the accidents that occur with people in an undeclared work relationship. In 2019, there were 3 fatal accidents and 2 serious accidents with people who had no legal employment relationships in the way set by the legislation.

Considering the alarming statistics and the risks to which employees are subjected, as well as the need to ensure preventive measures, the leadership of the Labor Inspectorate of Trade Unions mentioned that the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova (CNSM) permanently disagreed with the diminishing of the legal provisions regarding the state supervision and control over the observance of the normative acts containing labor law norms and has always pleaded for the maintenance in integrated format of the inspection system exercised by the State Labor Inspectorate (with control attributions in the field of labor relations and occupational safety and health).

CNSM repeatedly, during the years 2013-2020, addressed to the Government and Parliament of the Republic of Moldova in order to eliminate the contradictions between national legislation and the provisions of ILO Conventions and restore SLI powers and competences, according to the existing legal framework until the adoption of Law no. 131/2012. During the online meeting held on 30.07.2020, the CNSM leadership discussed also with the World Bank experts about the situation in the field of occupational safety and health.

In September 2020, CNSM repeatedly examined the draft Government decision on approving the draft law amending some normative acts. CNSM reiterated its position regarding the exclusion of SLI from the incidence of Law no. 131/2012 and ensuring its organization and operation in accordance with ILO Conventions no. 81/1947 and no. 129/1969. The maintenance of SLI, under the incidence of Law no. 131/2012, continues to maintain the premise for the CNSM to refer to the ILO in order to report the non-compliance of national legislation to the international standards to which the Republic of Moldova is a party.

We specify that, from the beginning of the year until 11.09.2020, 243 accidents of workers’ injuries were reported to SLI, as a result of which 247 people suffered.

The information note of the Labor Inspectorate of Trade Unions on the situation of accidents at work in the Republic of Moldova in the context of the reform of state control in the field of occupational safety and health can be accessed here.

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